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Dr Katie Maras

Consultant Academic

Dr Katie MarasDr Katie Maras is a Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Bath. She has an international reputation for her research in the fields of autism and forensic psychology, where she takes a theoretically informed applied approach with a particular focus on memory and cognition. Much of her research to date has focussed on how the specific memory difficulties of adults with autism affect the evidence that they provide in the criminal justice system, and how police interviewing techniques can be adapted to support their difficulties.

To date Katie has received more than £430,000 in research funding and she currently holds a prestigious ‘Future Research Leaders’ grant from the Economic and Social Research Council. Under this project she is developing new support for the social and cognitive difficulties experienced by people with autism in both police interviews as well as other important real-world contexts such as healthcare consultations and employment interviews.

Katie disseminates her work nationally and internationally to both academic and practitioner audiences. She is co-author of two toolkits for The Advocate’s Gateway produced by the Advocacy Training Council on questioning people with autism and the National Autistic Society’s revised Autism: A guide for criminal justice professionals document.

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