Kim Doyle

Kim DoyleKim delivers ABE training on behalf of Specialist Communication Techniques.

Kim qualified as a barrister and joined the Crown Prosecution Service in the UK in April 1986. Since 1995 Kim has worked closely with the police, health, lawyers and other third sector agencies at the St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre to improve the standard of rape and child abuse investigations and prosecutions across the Greater Manchester Area and beyond. She was instrumental in the development of the children’s service at St Mary’s following research work in the USA.

Kim became involved in training and development in 1996 and regularly provides training to lawyers, forensic physicians, medics, social workers, police officers and forensic services in child and adult protection both nationally and internationally. Kim also works in Multi‐Agency settings facilitating the development of joint working protocols and arrangements in child protection, with a specific focus on child sexual harm.

Kim was one of the authors of ‘Without Consent’; a thematic review of the investigation and prosecution of rape published in 2007. In 2008 Kim was appointed as a ‘Children and Young Person’s Expert as part of a small team of experts commissioned by the Department of Health in the UK to advise upon the response to sexual violence by key agencies. During this time, Kim reviewed the paediatric and partnership response to children and young people affected by sexual violence, both acutely and historically. This included a review of commissioning structures, joint working arrangements, risk management procedures, forensic and after-care pathways.

In May 2011, Kim was invited to Australia and New Zealand to undertake work with the Police and Education Authorities to review and develop their child protection response, information sharing protocols and partnership arrangements. She was invited back in December 2011 to work with the police in Perth and Melbourne and academics to review the criminal justice response to child and adult victims of sexual violence.

Kim also works across the Sporting Sector and is a member of the national safeguarding panel in sport.
Kim is one of the lead trainers for LimeCulture training and development initiatives. Kim is joint Chief Executive for Lime Culture which was established in 2011. LimeCulture has quickly evolved into the UK’s leading sexual violence training and development organisation. Through its breadth of professional knowledge and experience of working across the sexual violence sector, it’s able to support customers in delivering excellent services to victims of rape and sexual assault.

Much of LimeCulture’s work is focused on training and developing ‘the specialists’, (such as Crisis Workers, counsellors, Independent Sexual Violence Advisers, Young People’s Advocates, Forensic Practitioners, Police Officers), and those who have a professional role to respond when a man, woman or child has been raped or sexually assaulted.

Kim frequently provides in-house and bespoke training to frontline professionals and their organisations, as well as teaching on LimeCulture’s professional courses. Through her professional knowledge and expertise, Kim is able to support commissioners and service providers alike in ensuring delivery of high-quality services to meet the needs of victims of sexual violence.