Autistic Spectrum Interview Training


SCT offers a range of comprehensive autism communication training services that can be tailored to the individual needs of the client. Services are particularly focused on clients who may have a role that involves communicating with/interviewing people with Autism. In particular we provide services across a range of sectors including, health, child and adult social care, education and criminal justice.


Who Should Attend?

Anyone who’s role may involve communicating with autistic people. In particular;

  • Police (including Special Constabulary and Police Community Support Officers)
  • National Crime Agency staff
  • Border Force Staff (including Immigration & Customs)
  • Immigration Enforcement staff
  • HM Revenue and Customs staff
  • Independent Police Complaints Commission staff
  • Insolvency Service
  • Local Authority Adult & Children’s Services
  • Prison Service staff
  • Trading Standards staff
  • NHS staff
  • Medical professionals

What the training covers?

  • The benefits of a structured interview approach
  • The limitations of a cognitive interview approach
  • Memory and recall
  • Communication and reception issues with autistic people
  • Difficulties autistic people have with social interaction
  • Communication, attention and non-physical responses of autistic people

Benefits of Attending

Participants will

  • Secure a better awareness and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Conditions
  • Understand the importance of, and what factors need to be considered, when planning for a conversation/interview of an autistic person
  • Identify how the environmental factors where a conversation takes place can improve the communication process
  • Demonstrate how language and question construction will enhance the communication process

What does the training mean for your business or organisation?

Employees who have attended the training will be able to conduct a conversation, or an interview, with an autistic person that encourages that person to provide the fullest of accounts. The training will be underpinned by the practical experience of the trainer and recent and relevant academic research in this field.

What does the training cost and where is it held?

Costs will be provided on request. Training will normally be provided at a venue of your choice with up to a maximum of 10 participants.